Help programming mini maestro ESC

Hi everyone,
I am very new to the mini maestro and am absolutely the worst programmer, however, I did get it to run some of the routines in the manual and modify the speed and acceleration etc. The maestro is the only thing that seemed to be able to do what I need to do with an ESC, but the programming is beyond my ability.

The simple version is that I would like a series of switches to activate different short programs such as:
switch 1. servo 1 go from 1ms to 2ms over 10 seconds and then reset to 1ms
switch 2. servo 1 & 2 accel. to 1.5ms, then servo 1 goes from 1.5ms to 2ms over 5 seconds and then stays at 2ms when
servo 1 reaches 2ms, servo 2 accels. from 1.5ms to 2ms, stays for 2 sec then both back to 1ms

I have set up a test bench w/ data aquisition for testing one or two esc (electronic speed controller) controlled brushless motors and I would like the mini 12 to run the esc’s.

If there is anyone willing to work with me on this, please email me at