Help on choosing a high torque continuous servo

I’m looking for a continuous rotation servo and the most powerful one I found that is offered here is the SM-S4303R. While this servo provides 67 oz-in of torque, I am looking for something that is a bit more powerful - somewhere around the 150 oz-in range. Is there anything that could provide continuous rotation and that approximate torque? Is there a particular standard servo that could be modified to be continuous and provide this torque?



Unfortunately, that servo you found is the highest-torque continuous rotation unit we have. We do have several normal servos that have the kind of torque you’re looking for, but we do not have information about their relative difficulties of conversion to continuous rotation. I know that the GWS S04 servo cannot be converted since its output gear does not have teeth all the way around, but I think most of the normal-sized servos can be converted. By the way, the stall torques on servos are not a point at which you should be operating them, so if you actually need 150 oz. in. while running, you should get a motor with a significantly higher stall torque.

- Jan

Thanks for the reply. My apologies for the duplicate post. I actually found a motor in our lab that will be more than adequate for our application. Thanks for the information you provided.