Help needed on a servo controller

Hi to all out there,Im working on a project where I will be needed from 1 of my digital servo motors to be set in 3 different preset positions by a switch,So I need the experts here to help me select the correct controller,now positions will be A , B and C witch will have to be set by a switch on off on. So when I select to turn the switch to the left that is the 1 (on) state I want servo to go to position A,when switch is in the middle (off position) I want servo to move to position B and last when turning switch to the right (second on position) I want servo to move to position C.Please help Thanks up front.


You might be able to use one of our Maestro USB Servo Controllers for that. In addition to offering high-performance servo control, the Maestro’s signal channels can also be configured as analog or digital inputs, so you might be able to use it to read the state of your switch. Then, you could program the Maestro using the Maestro Scripting Language to implement that type of behavior. You can find more information about that in the user’s guide.

- Patrick

First of all thanks for reply.I understand what you are telling me cause I did read the manual before posting here,but I will be needing some help writing the script, could you help on that ?For example positions to be set and for me to change the values of them.

Guiding you through writing a specific Maestro script is beyond the scope of our technical support, but I recommend you try some of the example scripts in the user’s guide and then work on gradually adapting them for what you need. If you run into any specific issues you can post the code you are testing and ask us about it.

- Patrick

Ok thanks.

I was hopping some member on the forum could open my eyes on this cause Im totaly new.I diidnt want tech support to solve my problem ,sorry if I was missunderstood.

If you want a single switch to move the servo to one of 3 positions, you can use a rotary switch to ground ( or pull high) one of 3 input pins on a servo controller. 3 of the ports on the servo controller will need to be configured as inputs. A script can be written to set the target value for the servo to a hardcoded value, depending on which input pin is high or grounded.

If you want to use a “Center Off” switch, you can use either a SPDT “center-off” switch or a DPDT “center- off” switch. You will need to configure 2 ports on the servo controller as inputs.
Your script will need to be written to read the 2 inputs, and move the servo to position A if the switch connects the top 2 contacts, position B if neither , or position C if the switch is down.