Help needed: light sensor circuit

Hi to all, I am looking for a light sensor that attached to a door of a troelly (Tipical troelly you see when you travel in an airplane and the trolley with duty-free products or snacks products is pushed by a cabin crew), records when the door opens (light activates light sensor) and when it closes (no light deactivates the sensor) and that records the time and date of opening and closure of the door.
I am not an expert so if any can help me on this, please contact me directly on my email:

Hello, Max.

We do not have any ready-made systems like that, but you might be able to build your own system using a sensor like our VL6180X Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor Carrier. You can see all of our sensors here. Please note, we cannot help you plan your entire system, but maybe someone here on the forum knows of a project they can refer you to. If you have any specific questions about using our products, we would be glad to help.


Hi Derril;

Many thanks for your help, very greatfull.