Help needed by a neophyte!

Howdy All,
I’m trying to sort out a solution for keeping the battery on my motorcycle charged while it is in storage for the winter. I’ll outline the particulars and the solution I’m considering (based on limited knowledge of this sort of thing!) and would welcome all feedback, other ideas or other solutions.

The bike is stored in a facility with no power and no possibility for me to run a cord to a solar panel. If i could run a cord to a panel, life would be easy, and I’d not take up your time. The facility is about an hour away, so it’s not super convenient to visit it on more than a weekly/bi-weekly basis. (I live high in the mountains, and don’t have many other good storage options… Bummer for being a moto enthusiast, but it’s beautiful up here!)

My resources:
I also have a couple 6v AGM batteries we use as part of a solar system while camping, which have about 220 amp/hours of capacity, so I can top them off and use them as the power source.

I also have a Goal0 350 watt power pack from another application that I could use, but it seems like that wouldn’t get me too far.

I was thinking of using an iMax B6 battery charger to draw power from the batteries and trickle it to the motorcycle battery. I understand that I’ll need to recharge the batteries regularly, but thought that I could at least keep it somewhat charged at a low rate of draw. The bike doesn’t need to have power supplied for every day of it’s storage, but I’m hoping that I can run this (or a similar) set up for a week or so at a stretch before recharging the batteries.

Does this make sense or am I way off base? Any thoughts or other solutions are greatly appreciated.


That sounds like it ought to work.

You might even be able to run the charger one day a month on batteries, and take them home in the meanwhile.

Which brings up another question: Why not simply remove the battery from the motorcycle, and keep it at home, where it will be nice and warm, and connected to a plug? As a bonus, nobody can break into the storage and ride away on the bike while the battery’s missing :slight_smile:

I’ve pulled batteries from bikes before, but this one is a bit fancier than any of those, and has an on board computer. If I pull the battery, I’ll have to sort out resetting the various dates, maintenance schedules, etc. As I hope to have this bike for years to come, I thought I’d try to find a longer-term solution, instead of taking it to the shop each spring to have the computer reset.
My eternal optimism combined with the big, fat chain locked to the bike, help reassure me that it will be there in the spring!