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Help Me Finish My Own Op-Amp Circuit

Good afternoon,It’s my first time to make op-amp circuit,and I need some help.
I’m involved in the project about 12V charging circuit.If I make it by AD directly,the voltage is not accurate when the current is low.So I want to make a amplifying circuit by using amplifier.
The LM358 will use in the two ports of zoom resistances.The positive inputted port is connectted behind the buck inductors .Then connecting current to review the resistance and connecting the negative inputted port.In the beginning,there is just powered by stable voltage–5V,I found that the voltage of two pins has arrived over 7V,the output is also wrong here.I also have tried to power by 13.5V and connect amplifier after the way of differential pressure.But the problems can’t be solved at all .Is there LM358 or any hardware not suitable here ?

Can you help me? Thank you in advance.


From a quick glance at your circuit it is not clear to me what kind of op-amp configuration you are trying to make, but it sounds like you want a non-inverting amplifier. If that is the case, I suggest you look at the circuit given in the datasheet you linked to or for tutorials online. You will also probably get more help if you post general engineering questions like this on a more general forum with a larger community like StackExchange.


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