Help in timing

okay so i need 2 servos to be controlled over a 15 minute period 12 hours apart.

Is this possible with this piece of kit?

The idea is one rotates 180* left while the other rotates 180* right at 745pm for 15 minutes, then they go the opposite directions at the same times in the morning.


I am not sure what “kit” you are referring to, could you be more specific?

You might be interested in using our Maestro servo controllers to control the servos rotation. You can also view a list of RC servos that we carry here. We do not specify a range of rotation for our servos, typically most RC servos will rotate about 90° over the standard 1-2ms pulse range. You might be able to get the full 180° rotation in a servo by sending a wider range of pulses with the Maestro; however, not all servos can turn 180°, and trying to turn them further than they can go might damage them. This blog on hobby servos might be useful to you.

As for timing, there is a section in the Maestro user’s guide with an example script for programming long delays using the Maestro’s timer, though it might need to be calibrated since the timer has an error margin of about 1%.

- Amanda

sorry, the kit is refering to the meastro mini (6 channel)

can you be mroe specific with which part of the reference material discusses long delays?

Thank you for pointing out that my link did not go straight to the example script section in the Maestro user’s guide. I fixed the link, and it should redirect you to that specific page. You can find the “Long Delays” example section closer to the bottom of the page.

- Amanda