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Help for a very Green Newby

Hi There,

I need advice on creating a simple device, a proximity sensor that will beep/signal when triggered/breached ?. Just like a car, but the thing will be static (like on a wall). Trying to create something to help my blind doggie to get her bearings in the house (like the bathroom door, etc). I’m a software guy (C#, etc) so I can code, but never done a project like this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

Pololu carries a good selection of distance sensors that might work for a project like this. They are small and unobtrusive, and one could be paired with a very small Arduino or other microprocessor to emit a beep or other sound when activated. You might start with the Sharp sensors.

If sensors mounted at key locations emitted different sounds, they could act as sign posts for the blind.