Help for a m3pi beginner

Hi there,

I just received my m3pi. I have trouble getting AVR studio 4 to see m3pi.

My questions are
(1) do I need to purchase Pololu USB AVR Programmer?
(2) do I need to connect AVR ISP to m3pi base?
(3) should I program it thru USB A or the mini-USB port on mbed?
(4) Is it possible the 3pi slave program not installed on my m3pi?

lastly, what should I prepare the m3pi to run demo programs, such as line follower?



Hi, Phillip.

Sorry things aren’t working out smoothly for you. Have you found the m3pi user’s guide? It sounds like you have an mbed, so you would want to refer specifically to the mbed in control section of the user’s guide.

If you ordered the fully-assembled m3pi robot, you don’t need an AVR programmer. An AVR programmer will let you change the firmware on the 3pi, which is only necessary if you do not already have the serial slave program installed or want to develop your own slave program. Note that there is code available for the mbed to turn it into a very slow AVR programmer in a pinch.

You program the mbed through the mini B USB port. The USB A port is for the mbed acts as a USB host.

If you bought the fully-assembled m3pi robot from us, it is unlikely that the slave program is not installed on your m3pi. The “technical details” part of the section I linked to above should help you determine if you have the serial slave program installed.

- Ryan