Help chosing a control board with wifi and bluetooth capabilities


I was wondering if there is recommended board with wifi and bluetooth capabilities to work with my mini maestro 18 channels.

I was reading the Arduino library documents for the serial connection and they specify that this would work for an Arduino uno wich is a 5V logic but I was thinking to purchase a ESP32 or a Arduino 33 Iot to use this library and operate my servos with wifi, but my understanding is that these boards have a 3.3 logic.

Ideally I would like a small board also.

Any information would be appreciated!.



We do not have any microcontrollers with built-in wifi or bluetooth capabilities, but you could add that type of capability using a separate board such as the BlueSMiRF Silver. We expect the Maestro Library for Arduino to work with any Arduino-compatible board, so either of the boards you mentioned should be fine.

For whatever setup you come up with, if you have a logic voltage level mismatch issue, you might consider our logic level shifter as a solution.

- Patrick

Thank you Patrick!

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