Help! Can anyone tell me which servo to use?

Is there anyone who has ever used micro:bit to drive servo? What kind of servo you ever used? Is there anyone who has used micro:bit?I heard this board is quite popular. I bought a micro:bit from an online store( ) during their Black Friday. And now I have lots of servos for Arduino board in hand. I want to make a robot. But I met a problem. Because the servo in my hand requires voltage above 4.8 V, while the voltage of micro:bit board is 3.3V only. It can not drive my servos. I have searched online again and again but still couldn’t find a servo with voltage of 3.3V. I would like to ask you who has ever used micro:bit to drive servo “Which kind of servo you choose?And do you have any links?”


I moved your post to the “Servo controllers and servos” section of our forum since it seems more appropriate. Although most RC servos require 4.8V to 6V for power, the voltage of the servo signal sent to them can usually be 3.3V. So, I do not see any obvious reason why your 3.3V microcontroller should not be able to control most servos.