[Help!] Any way to check if the board is fried?

I am trying to use Orangutan 328 to control several motors. I connected a broken motor onto M1A and M1B. I think I might accidentally short the M1A and M1B. After this stupid action, once I power up the orangutan 328, it keeps resetting even I throw the motor away. Also, the dual H bridge becomes extremely hot.

First I thought it was because of the unstable voltage, so I tried to measure the voltage when it was power on. The voltage keeps jumping from one to another. However, the 328 is powered by a power supply which had been checked already.

Anybody helps me to determine whether it is fried?

Thanks for your concerns!


It sounds like, at the very least, you have fried the motor driver on the Orangutan. You might be able to use the Orangutan for other functions as long as you do not address the motor driver in your code. Could you please try uploading a simple program that does not use the motor driver and see if that works or if anything heats up on the board?


Thanks. I tried to upload, yet failed. Because it kept resetting. I have other spare chips. Guess I have to be more careful about others.

You might try a couple of things to salvage your Orangutan. It is possible that the Orangutan is resetting because the program you have currently loaded is attempting to use the motor driver. Could you try powering on the Orangutan while resetting it? You can do this by holding down the reset button if you are using an SVP or pulling the reset pin low if you are using a Baby Oranguntan. This should prevent the code you have already loaded from running. Then you can try loading different code, that does not use the driver, to see if the Oranguntan will run it. Another thing you could try is using a more robust power supply that can handle the heavy load of the shorted H-bridges long enough for you to try reprogram the Orangutan.