Help. 6 CH Micro Maestro does does not run without USB


First post so Hello

I recently got the 6CH Micro Maestro to program a sequence for my RC planes retracts and doors. I have programmed the script to react to the TX sw via the RC Sw with Digital and all works as it should when running via USB. Sw forward door opens, wait, landing gear extent. Sw back - landing gear retracts, wait, door shuts. If the USB is not connected the program does not run.

I have hard wired the Servo Batt + to Vin so when servo power (5.1V) is applied the board should power up, gnd is common through the PCB traces?. The Yellow led blinks at approx 1/sec. I have also swapped out the Tx for a hard wired sw with pullup resistor on Signal and +5V reg but no joy (this also works OK when the USB is connected)

Am I missing something fundemental here. When making changes I press the Apply Changes button. I assume this uploads the script to the board?

Any insite would be gratefully recieved to get this working as this module and programability is just what I and alot of others at the flying field are looking for :slight_smile:



Did you make sure to check the “run script on startup” checkbox?

A quick test and that looks like it has solved my problem. Wood for the trees comes to mind :slight_smile:

Thank you very much