Hello, I need brief help with setting up a Zumo Robot

Hello all, I am very new to this arduino stuff and the Pololu community. I am also a newbie in embedded programming so please bear with me.

Yesterday I received two new zumo robots and two new Arduino Unos. The robots were the pre-assembled type and after setting up the jumpers for the buzzer and the light sensor array, I plugged in the arduino and proceeded to load one of the sample sketches from the zumo robot libraries.

The problem that I am running into is that no matter which example is loaded, the robot fails to move as I expected it to. I have loaded both, the border detect and collision detect sketches with the same results. First the robot appears to run backwards, I corrected that by un-commenting the lines in the code suggested in the users guide. Second, the robot just runs two to three inches before stoping, backing up and turning. It does this forever no matter what surface it is on and despite the fact that the surface is a uniform color. I tried moving the jumper at the sensor array from disconnected to the position matching the arduino UNO but the behavior is the same.

In looking through the code examples, I found the line follower example posted by one of the members, looking through it I see that he used the method to initialize the sensor array that is suggested in the manual “reflectanceSensors.init();”. The border and collision detect sketches use “ZumoReflectanceSensorArray sensors(QTR_NO_EMITTER_PIN);” method. I have not tried the line follower example in the robot yet but I was wondering why the large difference in methods.

Anyways, I suspect that my problem lies with the sensor array but admittedly I don’t have a solid footing to base this opinion and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me to follow.

thanks very much in advance.


I am sorry you are having a problems using your Zumos. The Zumo uses the reflectance sensor array to detect the IR reflectance of a surface. The edge sensing example is meant for robot sumo rings, which are black with a white border. Could you tell me more about the surfaces you are using the Zumos on? If you can, could you also post pictures of your test surface?

The two methods you mentioned are not that different; they are both used to initialize the sensors. ZumoReflectanceSensorArray is a Zumo specific subclass of QTRSensorsRC from the QTRSensors library, and calling the ZumoReflectanceSensorArray sensors(QTR_NO_EMITTER_PIN) constructor is just a way of specifying the emitter pin and calling the same init method used in the QTRSensors library and this command reflectanceSensors.init().

- Grant

Hi Grant, after I posted this I realized that the samples as written could have been meant for a black and white surface. the one I was trying it on was not even close to the contrast that a black and white surface would provide. I will test as such and will let you know.

thanks for the response.