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Hello everyone thanks for having me

First off, I have very little experience in building electronics. That said I believe most of what I’m searching for will be easy for experienced builders. I am a professional home inspector and I am building a foundation crawler to go under pier and beam homes with little to no clearance. The platform I have chosen is the Wild Thumper 6 wheel drive. I have had some luck so far with getting the wild thumper to drive. So far I have crossed wires and burned up a couple of things. So I am starting over. My motor controllers are 2 Pololu Simple High-Power Motor Controller 18v15 (Fully Assembled). 1 for left side 1 for the right side. I have connected also the Wild Thumper power switch. My goal also is to have a 2 servo set up with powered FPV camera and lights. So far I have several custom printed 3D printed parts.
Starting from the batteries what do you recommend?


There are a lot of options that might work. The motors on the Wild Thumper are rated for 2-7.5V, so you will probably want a battery or battery pack with a nominal voltage in that range that can handle enough current. The motors have a stall current of about 6.6A per motor at 7.2V. You might find this “Understanding battery capacity: Ah is not A” blog post helpful:

By the way, it sounds like you might have damaged some components already, but in the future if you have any doubts about how you are using our products, you are welcome to post some pictures and wiring diagrams of your setup and we can take a look to see if it is okay.

- Patrick