Header file problems

so im trying to get the example maze solver to work. I have the code in a file and I think i need the header files to work for

#include "bargraph.h"


#include "maze-solve.h"

so ive made a screenshot with my great paint skills to help explain, im a little experienced with c++ and the pololu robot
thanks for the help in advance.


It looks like your main code does not properly reference the required header files, bargraph and maze-solve. Using double-quotes in an include statement tells the compiler to load the file using the relative path given; but after looking at your explorer window, this is not the case.

The header files are stored in “…\libpololu-avr\examples\atmega328p\3pi-mazesolver” instead of “C:\Users\Carsten\Documents\Atmel Studio\6.1\maze solver”. A possible solution would be to copy the header files as well as the corresponding c files into the same directory of your main.c. If you just want to run the example as is, then try running the code solution from the original directory.

- Amanda

Wow thanks for the detailed reply! :laughing:
Off to maze solving i go!