HD-1440A Servo just spins and spins

So I solved the issue here.

but have since decided to just use the arduinos servo library.

Now I cant get the HD 1440A servo (pololu.com/catalog/product/1040) to hold a position. No matter how I send it pulses it just spins. I used the pololu micro servo controller in pololu mode, and the built in arduino servo library to set the angle in deg and to send it pulses of specific width using writeMicroseconds() and nothing works its just spins and changes speed. I am controlling another servo separately that works just fine.

Any ideas?


It sounds like the servo is damaged such that servo output is not coupled to the feedback. This can sometimes happen if you command a servo to move past its physical limits, or the servo could be defective. Did the servo ever work for you? Is there any chance you commanded it to move outside of its limits?

- Ben

Yes it is possible that I commanded it to move outside its limits. Thing is I bought two and they both do the same thing. I have since picked up a servo at a local hobby shop that is the same dimensions that works just fine with my code.