Have any one worked with Pololu XYZ smart servo

I was recently searching for replacements of Dynamixel servo’s as they are costly and i found one from pololu called XYZ smart servo, but there isn’t proper documentation for that and i’m having a hard time figuering them out, did anyone ever use it and can help me with that.


I have moved your post to the “Servo controllers and servo” section of the forum since it seems more appropriate.

Please note that those servos are manufactured by XYZrobot and we are just resellers. You can find various resources for those servos under the “Resources” tab of their product page, including a manufacturer datasheet, the Smart Servo A1-16 Editor software, and our Arduino library for the XYZrobot Smart Servo.

If you still have questions after looking through that documentation, can you post more details about your setup and what you are doing? For example, what are you using the control the servos, what have you tried already, and were you able to establish any communication so far?