Hi, I have a Micro Maestro 6 channel and a while ago I bought it in a kit to run with a software and drivers that came with it, since the cd with the software was stole and my only copy of the software was in a coputer at my parents home, I tried to “play” with the maestro but I couldn’t install the drivers from the pololu website :cry: , so after some days I went to my parents home and got the software and driver and noticed that the driver was a special one, so I installed with this driver and it worked, but when I try to open the Maestro Control Center I get a message of uknown hardware id.
So looking in the driver inf that was provided I believe that the micro maestro I have has the Hardwareid changed.

I got really curios about it and my question is how is it possible?



It sounds like the Maestro you got as a part of that kit is a special modified version of the Maestro. If it is, it will not work with the Maestro Control Center. Also, our standard Maestros will probably not work with the kit you have. You should be able to load the standard firmware onto your Maestro, but if you do that then you will probably not be able to use it again with your kit.


Hi Derrill,
Thanks for the reply, I want to know how to change the Hardware ID of my new Micro Maestro, I don’t want to ruin the kit micro maestro I use it :slight_smile: , I have 3 new micro maestros that I’m going to use in my own projet, I would like to use the same idea in my own project, I believe this is a good way to make it only work with my C# Application.

The Hardware ID of the Maestro is not user-configurable. If you are interested in a lot of custom Maestros like the one in your kit, you can contact us directly to discuss your project.