Hardware change request for VL53L1X board


2 requests, but they are related:

  1. would it be possible to create more empty space around the sensor? Or, better, put the sensor on the opposite side from the other components? Why? I would like to add a protecting lens on top of the board, and the better lenses fit snug on the sensor, and require some empty space around it. Like the ones from Hornix, recommended by ST (see “Cover window guidelines for the VL53L1X long-distance ranging Time-of-Flight sensor - Application note”). Examples: IR-T042C0-PM3D-A066 or IR-T080C0-CC3L-A066-B.
    If you put the sensor on the opposite side from the other components, that would be best, as it would allow better mounting in cases, with the board flush to the interior of the case.

  2. It would be nice if you had those lenses also in store. Now I’m personally based in EU, so gilisymo does the job for me, but I guess US based people may be interested as well, as these lenses are hard to find.

(and by the way, I created a pull request for your github repo vl53l1x-st-api-arduino, any chance on that gets through?)


Thank you for the suggestions; we will definitely take them into consideration. We are not likely to have different layouts of that carrier available soon, but if you have a high-volume application, we could do something custom for you. Please email us with your target quantities and schedule if that is something you would like to pursue further.

We have not looked into your pull request in detail yet, but we will do so soon. Feel free to follow up in a few weeks if you haven’t seen anything happen with that.

- Ben