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Handicap mower for newbie

I have a mower project.
I’m in a wheelchair but I would still like to mow,I was a aircraft mech so I just know enough to be dangerous.i have a zero turn mower that has a left and right handle that operates the hydro motors on the rear wheels.i was thinking about attaching actuators to the arms to drive the mower with a r/c controller if I could get all the electronics together to make it work.i think I would need actuators with about a 8inch stroke and at least 1inch per sec speed.any ideas.thanks Barry would the dmc01 be what I would need?i have a r/c truck controller I can use.thanks
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This sounds like a potentially dangerous project, and we don’t recommend a project like this unless you really know what you are doing. All of our linear actuators can be found here, and our recommended controller for them is our jrk motor controller 21v3. In general, we do not recommend any of our products be used in situations where property damage or injury might occur.

I am specifically concerned that if something fails, you will have a runaway lawn mower and no way to stop it.


Isn’t there a way to disable the ignition system if needed?

That would be one key question you would need to answer to make this a safe project. Another would be how to ensure that your kill switch is reliable. On something like this, you probably would want several redundant kill switches, with at least one tied directly to the power source of the mower.


Wouldn’t the dmc01 be a cheaper way to go since it will operate up to 3 higher current actuators?

If you want to be able to control the position of the linear actuator, I recommend using the jrk controller. The TReX offers speed control, but not position control. Also, the TReX only has two channels capable of bidirectional control; the third unidirectional channel is not likely to be useful when it comes to driving a linear actuator.