Hall sensor Input Voltage


The datasheet for the 25D Metal Gearmotors states the Hall sensors require an input voltage, Vcc, between 3.5 V and 20 V and draw a maximum of 10 mA. With that in mind, what would be the best solution to interface this encoders with a 3.3V logic level MCU ? Was planing to use the 2200 RPM motor with the encoders A and B outputs connected to a interrupt pin on a MCU (I’m only mentioning this in case of someone sugesting a level shifter module, the switching needs to be high enough for the 2200 RPM pulses). Has anyone else used this with 3.3V MCU ? Thanks !


You could try powering the encoders at 3.3V, but they might not work reliably. To ensure reliable operation, you could power them from a higher voltage (e.g. 5V) and use something like a logic level shifter or a voltage divider to drop the voltage of the encoder signals to an appropriate level before connecting them back to your 3.3V device.


Thanks for the reply !

I will try simple voltage divider, since Bidirectional logic is not needed . If i remember, I will update this post with the results .

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