Hall effect switch for Mini MOSFET Slide Switch with Reverse Voltage Protection - SV

Hi all, I am trying to add a hall effect switch to the Mini MOSFET Slide Switch with Reverse Voltage Protection that is always OFF by default.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can simplify my design without using diodes?

I’m using the US1881 latching hall effect sensor, but it needs it’s own reverse polarity protection circuit.


I moved your post to our general electronics category since it seems like you are asking for general circuit design help.

To clarify, are you asking about replacing Q2 in your schematic with something simpler to implement reverse voltage protection?


I think I need the Q2 mosfet to independently provide reverse polarity protection to the hall effect latch, before I power the reverse polarity switch for the power circuit?

I’ve noticed a small flicker in the power LED when I first connect the battery though, so I am not sure if the hall effect switch actually works as a viable switch if it lets a bit of power through before kicking in?

The goal was to make a default off magnetic switch with a hall effect sensor and reverse polarity protection. I had hoped the mini mosfet slide switch would be the way to go with the sensor?

I suggest looking at the circuit with an oscilloscope so you can see what is actually going on.