Hall effect sensor type of metal gear motors

Hello, it seems that hall sensor is broken (gives just one signal out of two) on new motor and returning it back would take a long time. Does anybody know the designation of sensor? Or any available replacement?
Thanks in advance for your replies.

Hello, Paul.

How did you determine that the hall effect sensor is broken and not some other aspect of your setup? How are you reading the outputs from the sensor? Did you get the motor and encoder from us? If so, which one do you have? Could you post pictures of your setup and the encoder?

- Grant

Hello Mr. Grant,
we have managed to quickly put the setup together. You can clearly see that one output from Hall sensor is working properly and the other one not. In fact, it stays high. We also measured voltage just at the pins of Hall sensor IC with the same result. The exact motor type is pololu product item 2286 and we have bought it from some retailer.
I guess it could be possible to replace the Hall IC but I need to know its designation.

It sounds like it might be a connection issue, or there might be something wrong with the pull-up resistor on the board. Could you try adding an external pull-up resistor (between 1k and 10k ohms) and see if that fixes it?

By the way, I noticed on your oscilloscope that you are getting positive and negative readings. Could you make sure you don’t have the oscilloscope set to AC coupled?

- Grant