Guns don't kill people, ROBOTS WITH GUNS kill people

Actually, and thankfully, they don’t. Not yet anyway, and not any time soon, but they almost did. Check out this scary article!

Kind of puts the robot car crashing into the human car incident in perspective!


For some reason this reminds me of the following Family Guy segment:

- Ben

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Yeah, I liked that little Family Guy bit way more than the scene in Robocop (2?) that it references (way too gory!).

It seems, though, that armed robots are still deployed in Iraq, and the manufacturer is calling the reported pullout an “urban legend”. Makes me think of this bit from The Onion. Robot coverup?


Yes, robots with guns do kill people.

Read about how a "suicide robot shoots man dead" … d=10499156

Note: some people work themselves to death building robots, others build robots to …

Cheers, Jim