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Guidance with ordering Romi with Raspberry Pi

I’ve never ordered from Pololu and am a newbie to the products and Raspberry Pi (but I am an Engineer with an IT background).

I plan on ordering everything listed at this URL:

This calls for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ but I’m wondering if the Raspberry Pi 4 would work for this. Does anyone know?

I also am considering getting these:
USB-A to Micro-B cable
USB Wallwart
Is there anything else that I should get for this project?

Last… I’m also thinking of getting the Robot Arm Kit and Romi Chassis Ball Caster Kit. Any comments regarding this?


While we haven’t specifically tried that project with a Raspberry Pi 4, I suspect it should all still work fine.

Other than the additional parts you listed, you will also need six AA batteries; we typically recommend using rechargable NiMH batteries, in which case you will probably want a charger too, if you do not already have one.

The Robot Arm Kit would be a fun addition to that project, and the additional ball caster is a good idea when using the arm to help prevent the robot from tipping forward; you can increase the tension of the front ball caster as needed using some rubber bands. If you don’t have a plan yet for powering the servos, some consideration are mentioned in the “Using the Robot Arm for Romi” section of the Robot Arm Kit’s user’s guide. One option described there is using something like our #2859 D24V22F6 regulator to reduce the voltage to 6V for the servos.


Brandon - thanks much!