Grippers and simple arm components

Since you guys have laser cutters and can make your own stuff, i was wondering if you guys would consider making and selling your own brand of grippers and robotic arms.

Cheap lightweight ones. Ones that can be used with micro Servos.

I have 5 micro servos that i plan on using on a small scale gripper and i’ve been planning on making my own. Just strong enough to pick up and move a large shooter-marble, or ball bearing.
If you can make your own brackets and pieces and sell them for cheap, i’d buy a small handful of them.

Buying brackets from other shops are expensive as they sell them in pairs, and are made of high grade aluminum and the like. I only need individual parts made of abs plastic.
Another thing you could sell is servo horns for the major brands of servo’s. Make arms 2-6 inches long that attach directly to the servo gear, bypassing the servo horn, which can often be a bottleneck and break.
I prefer DIY components so i can design my own stuff instead of being limited to a stores generic stock.

Cheap generic grippers.
Basically you have a single stationary finger and base that holds the servo, and the servo itself moves the secondary finger.
The problem with most Grippers and Arm components is they are so expensive, when really we just need cheap ones that get the job done.
If you can make a simple gripper for $5-$8, and arm pieces for $1-$1.50 a piece, alot of people could build very nice machines without breaking the bank.