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Great news from Endurance

Great news from Endurance. Christmas discounts are coming!
We launch a Christmas discounts on 8W diode laser. Save 238$ today!
40% off is valid till 29-th of December.
Use coupon code “Christmas_off” when you place an order

and 35% off for any Endurance engraving machine. Save 278$ today!

Hi, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
we have 2 hot news.

Endurance announces a winner of a giveaway competition
The winner is: Michael Newham (@mikeinbirr).

The best comment about installing the laser on Original Prusa i3 Multi Media printer.

Endurance launches a charity program
Every quarter Endurance will buy gifts and deliver them to children’s health resort centers in Smolensk region (Russia).
Smolensk is one of the poorest region in Russia and 3-10 year old children suffer and require medicines and attention.
Endurance is happy to help these children, talk to them and bring small presents.
We must always think about the one’s who will think about us in future.

Learn more and make donations: http://endurancelasers.com/endurance-charity/
Everytime you buy something from Endurance you make the world a little better.