GP2yOA6052 Ultrasonic sensors replacements?

I built the motion tracking system from your blog(motion tracking skull) as part of the display in our barn during our halloween event.
All works fine with the exception that there are sensor distance limitations in the environment we’re operating in.
The sharp ultasonic sensors we’re using don’t have the range we need.
I’ve been looking for either a. - a way to increase the detection range of the sharp ultrasonic sensor, or b replace them with something that will work in the same project with a greater detection distance.
Do you think that the maxbotix ez4 or similar sonar range finder may be a suitable longer range replacement ?
If not can you recommend one ?



Hello, Mike.

It sounds like you might be talking about our Sharp GP2Y0A60SZ analog distance sensor. Just so it is clear, that sensor uses infrared light, not ultrasonic sound.

All of the Maxbotix sonar range finders we carry have an analog output voltage interface like the Sharp GP2Y0A60SZ sensor, so it is possible to interface them to the Maestro we use in that motion tracking skull Halloween prop on our blog in the same way. I recommend looking at the datasheets for the Maxbotix sensors (which can be found in the resources tab of the product page for each of the sensors) for more about the beam pattern of the sensors and to see if the pattern looks like it might work for your application. Is seems like you might be able to find one that will work well.


Thank you Nathan- my mistake- yes I realize the sharp is infrared- thank you for your quick reply- I’ll keep you poste don how the replacement works