GP2Y0D815Z0F slotcar application

i don’t know if this is correct section to post, it is my first .
i tryed to use the GP2Y0D815Z0F in slot car application to detect the slotcar transition but the sensor seems don’t work correctly with the black plastic surface of the track (in particular, the LED does not light up regardless of the distance of the sensor from the track, but if I pass an object or the hand detects them) and in corrispondence with the metal tracks.
there are some problems with the black opaque plastic?
have you some suggestion?
thank you

The Sharp distance sensors use infrared (IR) light to detect objects. So, if the surface you are detecting does not reflect IR light very well, the Sharp sensor could have a hard time detecting it. In general, white reflective surfaces reflect IR light well and dull black surfaces reflect poorly. If you are able to modify your track, you might try doing something like adding some white tape or some kind of paint to the surface that gets observed by the sensor.


Hi Jonathan,
Thank you Very much for your suggestion and for answering
I had that suspicion, in fact I did some tests verifying the sensor on a sheet of white paper and on a black cardboard and the sensor works well on white. I’ll try first with a white ribbon, then I’ll paint and see the result. I will let you know. thanks for the time dedicated to me. one last thing, I thought to try the analog sensors to measure the distance to have less problems with the position of the sensor, what do you think?

I am glad I was able to help. The analog versions of the Sharp distance sensors also use IR light, so you would likely encounter the same issue.