GP2Y0D805Z0F as VR Mask Proximity Sensor

Hi all. My first post…
We want to possibly use the Pololu item #: 1132 (GP2Y0D805Z0F) 5cm distance detection range for a proximity detector in a VR Mask. We want to turn off the display when the face is removed from the mask.
Our EE hasn’t dug into the specs yet and I’m checking to see if it is a viable option.

My first concern is safety. The data sheet has no details other than the transmit LED is 870 ± 70nm.without knowing the exact output, does anyone know if this will be eye-safe with the eyes being within 1 1/2 - 2 inches from the TX LED?

If this is a bad idea, are there any COTS recommendations for a small LED sensor module as used in many of the VR masks?

The GP2Y0D805Z0F is a bit larger than I would like but I have not been able to find any in a 2/3 wire input that I can build in to the face mask between the optics.

Thanks for any help, ideas, recommendations or links,


Unfortunately, we do not have any information about how safe those sensors would be to use in the way you describe, but separately, I would recommend against your using them for this as they are large and older technology. Additionally, Sharp, the manufacturer of the sensor this board is a carrier for, has been having trouble and was recently bought by Foxconn, which makes it difficult to have confidence in the longterm availability of their parts. I suggest you look into the kind of technology used by cell phones to determine when they are close to your face, such as what we have on our time-of-flight sensor carriers:

- Ben