Hello there,

Might sound very silly question but I do have it: When connecting the GP2Y0A60SZLF sharp distance sensor to an arduino do I need to connect the En pin too? Or it can be let free?
From a description found " EN – can be driven low to disable the IR emitter and put the sensor into a low-current stand-by mode. This pin is pulled high on the carrier board through a 10 kΩ pull-up resistor to enable the sensor by default." I understand that might not need to be connected and the sensors is working well.

Please let me know


You do not need to connect the EN pin for the sensors to operate normally, only if you want to disable the sensor.


I am trying to use the sensor but with no luck. I used the regular connections but getting a strange behavior. The sensor stacks to a specific value (1482) and does not change.
I tried to connect the Vin to a digital pin on an Arduino and set it HIGH just before I use the sensor but again the same. The code I am using was found in the below link link
Any help would be much appreciated.

Your IO pins cannot source enough current to run those sensors. Can you try powering the sensor from a separate 3.3V or 5V source (depending on the version of the sensor you have, 5V or 3V) to see if that helps? If that does not help, can you tell me what version you have? Also, what Arduino are you using?


Derrill I am using the 5V version (Item #2474) and an arduino nano. You mean to power them directly from the battery (or voltage regulator)?

Yes, that is correct. Those sensors can draw higher bursts of current than the IO pins of an Arduino can handle.