Good Newbie Robot with lots of sensors


I’m new to robotics. I’m looking for an easy to assemble robot. I’d prefer a programmable mobile robot with lots of sensors (temperature, light, color, sound, etc).

I’m comfortable with any programming language, and have experience with search, path-finding, and general AI algorithms.

I’d love some advice.


Hello Seth,

Are you interested more in the assembly or in the programming of robots?

I’m not aware of anything out there that meets your description. If you are okay with starting with fewer sensors, the Pololu 3Pi Robot might be a good option for you. It is a fully assembled robot that has five reflectance sensors that sense dark and light regions below it. We have a couple of projects that show you how to attach additional sensors. One shows you how to add distance sensors, and the other a radio-control receiver. Someone has attached a bump sensor to their 3pi and is doing some AI research with it. The 3pi is programmed in C.

- Ryan