Good IDE for Linux?

Is there a good IDE for Linux? I would dearly love to get rid of Windows and develop on my Linux box.


Are you looking for an IDE for a particular platform?

Many programmers who use Linux like to use emacs or vim. They aren’t really IDEs out of the box, but they can be set up to be ones. Eclipse works on Linux. Gedit + Terminal isn’t bad for most small stuff.

- Ryan

wow it would seem that there would be a C compiler that would work with the Pololu C toolchain. I know it is a little lame wanting automatic colored context but it helps a newbie…

It isn’t lame at all to want syntax highlighting! You did not ask previously about a C compiler, you asked about an IDE. Many people programming on Linux tend to ‘integrate’ their development programs themselves.

The C compiler we recommend for targeting the AVR (the Orangutans all use AVRs) is gcc. gcc is installed by default on a lot of Linux distros and it is easy to get if it isn’t. For text editing you can use gedit; gedit has built-in C syntax highlighting. For programming, you can use avrdude.

I use emacs to edit text, gcc to compile, and avrdude to program. I use Make so I don’t have to remember the compiler and programmer options. If you decide to go this route, I can post an example makefile.

- Ryan