Going Wireless

We have a quad rotor helicopter that we would like to use the Maxbotix XL-MaxSonar-AE0 Sonar Range Finder MB1300 , Parallax PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor #28015 , and/or Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F Analog Distance Sensor 10-80cm on to sense distance. Of course, since it is a helicopter we need everything to transmit wirelessly to a pc. Is there anyway to do this, and if so then what do we need?


We don’t have any wireless modules right now, but the XBee units that are available all over the place seem pretty popular and easy to use. I would start by looking at those. I don’t agree with your “of course” sentiment. I’m not sure why you need to send stuff wirelessly, but I would be skeptical of a plan that involves doing the main processing on a remote PC. If you’re just logging information, your requirements might change a bit since some lost data here and there might not matter as much.

- Jan

Thank you for the quik response!
It has to be wireless because it is a helicopter and we need to be able to switch to manual control if there are any problems, plus we will be integrating information obtained visually through cameras. Therefore all sensor input needs to be abe to be sent to a pc to be analyzed.