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New to forum.
Mostly into RC. Model applications.
Is there a single place where examples of working polluting modules applied and are on a Forum page somewhere or in You tube to get more creative ideas of use of your products.
I am especially interested in ideas for RC digital switches, stepper driver modifications if end point reached to reverse, multiplexer, multiservo driver applications.

Hello, Jim.

Welcome to the forum. If you are looking for projects that use our products for inspiration, you might try looking through the Share your projects section of the forum. You can also browse the community projects tag on our blog. Additionally, you can find blog posts for specific products by checking the “On the blog” tab of the product pages. For example, here is a link to the “On the blog” tab of the product page for our RC Switch with Digital Output.

I also like to look through the Hackaday blog for inspiration.


Thanks, Brandon. That’s a great start.

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