GM10 frame/base

I have created a base/frame for the GM10 geared pager
motors. Take a look and
let me know what you think.

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Hey, that looks pretty nice! I’m looking forward to the higher quality pics and the completed robot. What will the brain and power source be?

- Jan

Better pics:
Brain: ATMega128
Power: Single 230mAh LiPo (3.7V)
Lots more info here

For the moment, I’m prototyping with a Baby-O Mega168, with the LiPo wired directly to Vcc.

The fuses have been reset to run from the 8MHz internal RC oscillator and the LiPo is wired directly to Vcc (that’s the red wire in front). After the photo, I replaced the 70mAh battery with a 230mAh.

I don’t know what the policy is on posting links to items for sale, but this is really too small to compete with your offerings and I do recommend motors and PCBs from your site. Feel free to delete if this goes against policy.

I have uploaded the GM10 body shown in previous posts to Shapeways and made it available for purchase. It fits within micro-sumo regulation size, and runs great from a Baby-O. I have a link to a preliminary PCB on the Shapeways site also that uses an ATMega128 and an LB1836M so it can run from a single Li-Po or a few NiMH.