Getting Started

I’m somewhat of a beginner when it comes to robotics, and I just purchased a USB 16-Servo Controller. I’m hoping to be able to control each servo directly using a code written in C++. I use Xcode to write my programs, and I have downloaded a couple of the AVR add-ons (I don’t know if that was what i was supposed to do?). I was hoping someone would be able to tell me or give me a website where I can figure the basic code I need to write to move each servo. In the end, I want to assign each letter of the alphabet to perform a different servo task, but I think I need to work on the basics first. Thanks for the help!


I don’t know why you’re looking at AVR add-ons. If you’re using the USB port and connecting to a PC, you just need to program the PC to send commands to a serial port. There are a few examples on the resources tab of the servo controller page.

- Jan

Thanks. I’m working on a Mac, is there anything else I need to take care of to send information to the servos?

I don’t know about the “anything else” aspect. You’ll still need to send data to the serial port; the details of how you do that might just be different. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with the Mac side much.

- Jan

Thanks. I got it all set up and can send information to the servo controller, but I’m having trouble developing a code that will control the servos the way I want. Is there anywhere I can go to learn like a code format I’m going to have to use to be able to tell servo 1 to move 45 degrees, then servo 3 93 degrees (just an example)?

The mapping of the position number to the servo’s physical position will vary a bit from servo to servo. The pulse width to position mapping should be linear, so you can just measure two angles at two different pulse widths to figure it out.

- Jan