Getting bad data with MinIMU-9 v1

I had purchased the MinIMU-9 first version many months ago with the intention of using it for a project but I never ended up completing that project so I stored away these parts. Fast forward to now and I’m trying to build an autopilot computer for a quadrotor I’m building and I’ve setup code to input data from the IMU however I’m not getting usable data. I have tested it using the AHRS Arduino sketch and it seems to work but doesn’t respond to how I actually move the IMU. If I leave the IMU and not in motion the AHRS display still jitters around slightly and when I do actually move the IMU the display jumps around wildly and not with the actual motion of the IMU. Are there any possibilities for why this is happening? It’s being powered off USB from the computer when I test it. Could it have just somehow been damaged when I stored it? I kept it in an antistatic bag.


Sorry you are having trouble. Have you calibrated the magnetometer?

- Ryan