Get usb programmer started in windows with AVR stutio 5?

I am doing a project with 3pi robot, and I am a beginner. I’ve been looking for guides and tutorial, but some of them are written with AVR stutio 4. Since the latest version is AVR stutio 5, could you Pololu engineers update some new guides and tutorials with AVR stutio 5?

Hello, justinaire.

This is something we would like to do, but unfortunately it is not as simple as just writing a new tutorial. Between AVR Studio 4 and 5, Atmel has changed their support for STK500-compatible programmers such as ours. By default it only supports 24 different AVR models, and this limited list does not include the 3pi’s ATmega328p. There are also some other changes that cause incompatibilities between AVR Studio 5 and our current firmware for the programmer.


Hello, again.

We have updated the firmware and documentation of our programmer so that you can now use it with AVR Studio 5. For a tutorial, see the new “Programming AVRs Using AVR Studio 5” section of the user’s guide:

However, at the time of this writing, all of our tutorials and example projects for the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library still require AVR Studio 4. Therefore, people with an Orangutan or 3pi Robot should stick to AVR Studio 4 for now unless they are advanced users who know how to configure an IDE properly.