Gears, sprockets and the likes


I would really love to see some gears, worm gears and similiar sold. Finding these things “in the wild” is not very easy, and if my favourite web store sold them it would make my life so much easier.

Preferably a big range of sizes, something like 2mm->20mm. And with good capabilities for boring the axle width too. Another nice touch woud be if they were splined, so you could fit them on servos directly.


Thanks for the feedback. I understand your desire, but I don’t think there’s an easy answer since there are so many different gear sizes and feature combinations to look for. The few catalogs I have looked at that have gears have far more parts than would be practical for us to stock, and even those selections still would not account for requests like the servo splines, which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even among servos from the same manufacturer.

- Jan

Aw. Too bad. I’ll guess I have to make my own somehow then.