I need a gearbox that connects to one motor, but has two different outputs, one the reverse of the other, and one at a higher ratio than the other. What products could I use from here to build one?



Unfortunately, none of our products are suitable for your purposes. Are you sure you cannot use two separate gearboxes and motors?

- Jan

I’m absolutely sure I can’t use two motors, but I could use two gearboxes. Right now I’ve decided to use two 72001 planetary gearboxes. However, I’m not quite sure how I can string them together properly. I believe I could use a configuration like:

gearbox1 <-> motor <-> unconnected gear <-> gearbox2

That way the motor supplies both of them (of course the motor would not be IN either of the gearboxes), and the unconnected gear is to make the other gearbox turn the opposite direction of the other. The thing is, I then have 1 output shaft I want to be able to have switch between the two gearboxes, and I’m not quite sure how to do that.

I posted this in another thread but check out R/C car gears. You can get pinion and sprockets on the cheap. With a little thought you could design a gearbox with the specs you require.