Gearboxes of metal gearmotors (25Dx56L) are interchangeable?

I have the following question: transmissions 25Dx56L metal gearmotors and 25Dx58L are interchangeable?

I’m doing a project that used a metal geared Pololu 172:1 ratio 25Dx56L with an encoder, but the gearbox was damaged and would like to know if I can replace the gearbox of a metal geared speed ratio of 227:1 or (378:1 25Dx58L) or … could tell me how I can solve this problem in the most economical possible?.
Thank you. (I need help Please !)[/b]


I have moved this topic from the General Forum to the Support Forum and deleted your original duplicate post.

The pinion gears on all three of those motors are the same, so you should be able to swap their gearboxes with each other.