Gearbox Question

I want to use one of the gear kits to gear a wind turbine prop so that it will dirve an electric motor for power generation. The prop will run in the range of 200 to 800 RPM and I’m told I’ll need about a 20 percent RPM overdrive to get rated power out of an electirc motor.

I was wondering if any of the Tamiya gearbox kits can be set up this way e.g. gearing the output axial/shaft to drive higher RPM back to the motor.



Most of the gearboxes (those without worm gears or really high gear ratios) can be driven from the output. However, these are small toy motors with plastic gears, so I doubt that they will be practical for your project.

- Jan

You could always build your own gearbox. Many places sell gears but the best/cheapest I have found for my own projects are gears designed for R/C cars. You can pick up pinion and sprockets for a lot less in an r/c shop that most places. Another good thing is they are a lot stronger than the Tamiya gearboxes.