Gear reduction for standard 540 (dewalt) motor?

Hey all, i am looking to build something similar to the wild thumper, but would like to use larger, stonger, faster (waterproof) 12v motors, i have a local source for dewalt motors so i figured those would be easiest, is anybody aware of a gearbox that will bolt up to a standard 540/550 motor? and will handle some decent stress?



Unfortunately, we do not have gearboxes for that size motor and do not have any recommendation for where you might find one.

- Grant

Therobotmarketplace is a good place for this class of motor. They compete on some things, but honestly anything Pololu covers, they do better. A quick glance shows they have a dewalt section

I think the robotmarketplace is a better place for some of the heavier duty motors and such that Pololu as of yet doesn’t do alot with.

The only place where they have more serious cross-over and competition is maybe with some of the higher power motor controllers Pololu has. i don’t really know.