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Gasoline powered Generator governor proof of concept

I have been working on this project off and on since 2017.

The biggest problem was controlling the engine when a load was applied and I knew I needed a governor.

The problem was that governors and gensets are expensive. I wanted to build a governor that was a simple as practical. Sure I could do it with an arduino or a raspberry pie, but that seemed like balancing your check book with a cray.

I had accidentally stumbled on the solution years ago but a badly made no description no talking youtube video is not helpful so I kept looking. The device I saw in that video (and re-discovered later) was the micro maestro 6.

in the videos below my programming is not the best (I know that). my explanations may be wrong (I know that). But I got it to work!

If you are VERY bored and want to watch ALL the videos of the generator build the play lists are here:
the generator

and here:
the starter and charge/load controller.

If you just want to see the wrap up video from the initial build it is here:

This is the series on the actual implementation of the micro maestro 6:

First Test run with the Micro Maestro 6 is here:

If you just want to see the first successful run it is here:

and the wrap up explanation it is here:

No one else (that I could find) seems to have successfully done this with anything more simple than an arduino.
bonus video

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