Fuzzy logic for line follower...need help

Hi, i need some help. I am constructing a line follower. I am having problem to program it using fuzzy logic.
The robot has QTR-8RC Reflectance Sensor Array as a sensor to detect the line which consists of 8 phototransistors .
It is using differential drive steering meaning that it will have independently powered 2 DC motors.
The speed of both motor vary using PWM to perform turns and straight line driving.
The idea to use fuzzy logic is keep the line on the centre of the robot that is at the fourth and fifth phototransistor. If it is to the left of the centre, the left motor will run faster and if to the right the right will run faster.
It is using l293D motor driver and a 16F877A microcontroller.

Please help me, i am doing it for my final year project BENG Mechatronics.


I don’t think any of us at Pololu have worked with fuzzy control systems, so we probably can’t offer you any particularly useful advice. Perhaps someone else in the community will have some insights that can help you.