Frontal Collision Avoidance and Adaptive Cruise Control Project

I’m open to helpful ideas about this project. Thanks.
I will make a project using this engine 100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HPCB 12V with Extended Motor Shaft.
You should design an analog controller using op-amps. You can choose a PI, PD or PID type of

1.Design and draw the electro-mechanical structure of your car with a mass “MC” powered by an
electrical motor “m”.

2.Find an appropriate model (toy) car with a DC motor. Find the gear ratio, wheel radius and
circumference. Use an electronic scale to measure the amount of traction force of your car and
torque that your motor produce with respect to the armature current. Find the armature
resistance Ra. Find the stall torque Tstall and max speed ωno-load of your motor. Find “Motor Torque
Coefficient” Kt , of your motor. Draw “torque Tm“ versus “speed ωm“ graph of your motor.

  1. Find the transfer functions X(s) / Tm(s) and Tm(s) / Ea(s), where X(s) is the position of the car

The project conditions are as follows.

I’m open to helpful ideas about this project. Thanks.