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Fritzing Library

A library of Pololu parts for the fritzing program would be cool way to market your products.

I agree. I am creating some tutorials and lab experiments for courses I teach and it would be nice to have a fritzing library of your products.


Thank you for the suggestion. Are there any parts in particular you would want to see in the library?

- Ben


It would be nice to see the Zumo Shield in a fritzing library. Is there something new concerning Fritzing and Pololu (especially Zumo) ?

Thnaks in advance,


Hi, Jonathan.

Thanks for your feedback. We have nothing new to announce at this time, but you might see something in the future.

- Zeeshan

Thanks for your reply,



I agree. It would be nice to have part libraries for the servo controllers, multiplexer, and switch. Has anything been made available?


Making Fritzing libraries for our parts is something that we are keeping in mind, but we don’t have plans for releasing any in the immediate future.


No news about a Fritzing library ?

Voltage regulators would be especially welcome.

Also, for me the lack of a Fritzing model has become a no-go to create any circuit (apart from very basic ones), when it comes to microcontrollers at least.


We have not made any definitive plans on creating a Fritzing library for our products, but we are considering it. Thank you for letting us know how useful those libraries would be to you.

- Amanda

This would be really awesome.

My vote is to put as many parts that you can into it.

Motors, LED strips…etc.


Just wanted to check in to see if any more consideration has been given to creating these libraries. I just purchased one of the Maestro 6 boards and I think it would be nice to be able to test and document my designs with Fritzing considering how powerful of a program it is.

Hopefully this is still something that’s on the radar as I think it would be of great use! :smiley:


Hello, Austin.

Yes, we have considered creating Fritzing libraries more, and yes, it is still on the radar, but it is still not a higher priority than the other projects we are working on. Thanks for letting us know you are interested.

- Amanda

I strongly recommend to avoid Fritzing diagrams. They are confusing, misleading and even in the best cases difficult to interpret. Component values are particularly difficult to represent or discern and plug-in breadboard connections, such as common power and ground, are often not shown or are misleading. Transistor leads, such as E, B, C or S, D, G are usually not identified, so the intent of connections to them are unclear. Fritzing diagrams are completely useless for complicated projects.

Fritzing diagrams are fine for complete beginners (think grade school) and the very simplest projects. They may look cool but are most definitely NOT an improvement over standard schematic diagrams; even hand drawn schematics are superior for unambiguous communication of circuit designs.

In short, except as noted for rank beginners, Fritzing diagrams are generally a bad idea and a step backwards.

If you look into Fritzing Core Parts you already have the Dual VNH2SP30 Motor Driver object ready to use. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be very nice to have other boards supported: I recently bought DRV8835, MAX14870 and TB6612FNG to run some tests on a very large train model installation managed by Arduino, and I need to document the hardware configuration by Fritzing.

Fritzing is a very useful tool and it is largely used by most of the Arduino makers, so please provide support for your parts into Fritzing! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: