Fritzing Library Needed

To increase your business, and make my life easier to use your products into my designs, I strongly recommend adding a Fritzing Library for your parts, especially for your top sellers.
I would especially appreciate them for your regulator families series D24V5Fx and D24V10Fx.
Your standardized board geometries should make the job easier for you to create your Fritzing library and for customers to incorporate your excellent parts into their systems.


We are still considering how to best provide files like that, but it is still not a higher priority than the other projects we are working on. Thanks for letting us know you are interested.


Hello Derill,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I look forward to using your products.



Fritzing diagrams are a step backward in communications. They are always incomplete, often misleading, usually confusing and rarely useful, except possibly for some extremely simple circuits, to be presented to the very lowest level of beginners.

See the Fritzing Wall of Shame at

On the other hand, the wiring diagrams prepared by Pololu engineers for the product pages are unusually clear, useful and usually do not suffer from any of the defects common to Fritzing diagrams. Please keep up those efforts!

Of course standard schematic diagrams are a vastly superior and unambiguous form of communication that has served humanity well for around a century. All hobbyists are encouraged to learn to read and create standard schematic diagrams. Sparkfun has a pretty good tutorial at